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Not Your Average Gemini

Cannon Falls Bomb-Botz receive $9,000 grant

Paige Holt

Paige Holt

Grant Schlichting, News Editor

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When people hear the word Gemini, many whip out their phones to check out their horoscopes and look for how their zodiac symbol will either help them or hinder them on the quest for a good life. But for the Cannon Falls Robotics Team (The Bomb-Botz), Gemini means something completely different.

Gemini, an engineering company specializing in plaques, logos, and letters, recently gave a grant to the Bomb-Botz in the amount of $9,000 dollars. This money will be used to help the team build superior and sleeker robots for years to come, because building complicated machines is no cheap business.

Gemini is also giving more than just money, they’re putting it where there mouth is. To help promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), they have opened up their local plant in Cannon Falls to the Bomb-Botz. This will help them see how the skills they’re learning today in robotics can be used for a more practical purpose in the future.

Also in an effort to encourage STEM, Gemini has donated $70,000 dollars worth of equipment to the schools. From CNC routers to 3D printers, Gemini is making a change within Cannon Falls!

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