Ralph Breaks the Internet

The Wrecked Ralph sequel "Ralph Breaks the Internet" came out in theaters over Thanksgiving weekend


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The new movie Ralph Breaks the Internet is a funny, entertaining movie that everyone, but particularly kids and teens, can relate to. This comical and heart-warming movie was created six years after the first adventure of Ralph and Vanellope, when they were exploring different arcade games. Now, with the WIFI (or “Wi-Fee” as Ralph says) plugged in, Ralph and Vanellope are curious, but have no idea of what is in store. They use the WIFI for an adventure into the internet to find a steering wheel to save Vanellope’s game from being unplugged after it had been broken. When they finally find the part on Ebay, the foreign concept of bidding leads them into a huge problem. The happy-go-lucky friends unknowingly bid the price up to a whopping $27,001. Later realizing that they need to find a way to pay all this money back, they are left to scramble to for a solution. Over the course of the movie they meet new characters, explore the internet, and develop a new kind of friendship.

bringing up all of the real-life examples of things that kids can experience in their everyday lives was important”

— Paige Miest

While the movie kept a strong carefree feeling, perfect for a kids movie, it still held a deeper meaning throughout. It wasn’t just about the Internet or finding a game piece. It was about jealousy. It was about insecurities. It was about friendship. In their journey through the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope’s friendship changes immensely. When different interests and new friends are introduced, they find a way to adapt together. However these new friends and situations also lead to jealousy. The movie shares a deep message about insecurities and how detrimental they can be. In this case, Ralph’s insecurities literally cause him to “break the internet.” With the Internet also comes the tough subject of cyberbullying, which Ralph unfortunately experiences first-hand. Paige Miest elaborated on this by saying, “I really think that bringing up all of the real-life examples of things that kids can experience in their everyday lives was important. This movie did that in a fun and relatable way, but it still brought moral advice into it, which might help out someone who needs a little boost.” The discussion of these tough topics that people, especially kids and teens, face today brought the movie to a whole other level. It created a movie that everyone could enjoy.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is a great movie for the whole family. The writers incorporated technology like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Youtube that kids currently are using all the time. They even paid tribute to those annoying pop-up adds we always see. Snippets of funny cat videos, disney princesses, and famous people such as Stan Lee, the marvel creator, added a comical approach on the movie that kept it fresh. The directors made sure to incorporate current topics and discussions so it would have a deeper meaning than just a simple kids movie. Katie Walsh from the Tribune News Service says it’s, “fresh, smart, funny, and most importantly, comprehensible analysis of both internet culture and interpersonal relationships.” As Ralph and Vanellope learn in this entertaining film, the internet can have its drawbacks, however, it can also help out immensely, especially when it comes to over-bidding on Ebay.


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