Spooktacular facts

The origins of Halloween and some facts about Halloween candy reveal some of the weirdness of the holiday.

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Spooktacular facts

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  1. 6 States produce most of the pumpkins for the halloween season: Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, California, and New York.
  2. Before carving into pumpkins, people used to carve angry faces into turnips, potatoes, and beets.
  3. 2017’s most hated candies include: Candy Corn, Circus Peanuts, Tootsie rolls, black licorice, and Smarties.
  4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Snickers, Kit Kats, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, and Nerds include the most loved candy.
  5. The tradition of going door to door in exchange for food originated when beggars would pray for the wealthy people’s dead relatives.
  6. The movie Hocus Pocus was almost named “Halloween House”.
  7. In Hollywood, silly string is banned on Oct 31st or a hefty $1,000 fine will be issued.
  8. The famous magician, Houdini, died on Halloween due to a ruptured appendix.
  9. Halloween candy can last much longer than previously thought. Chocolates can last up to 2 years, hard candies 1 year, and an unopened package of candy corn can last 9 months!! Imagine the preservatives.
  10. Around the spooky season, local animal shelters may not allow one to buy black cats in fear that they might be sacrificed.



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