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The Cannon Falls Robotics team is hoping for more young women to join the team.

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Imagine you are in a big arena and surrounding you are people with computers, cords, and robots. There are a lot of enthusiastic participants, including girls. Shocking? That’s the problem Ella is trying to address so that more girls can discover this unique hobby. That also didn’t stop the 12th grader from doing what she loves. Ella Coyle is a student at Cannon Falls that enjoys being on the team no matter who’s involved.

The Cannon Falls Robotics team so far only has six girls on the team. However, they are trying their best to encourage more and more girls to join. Being one of the girls on the team has definitely changed Ella’s perspective on how to find solutions to complicated situations. Ella stated that “As a team, we hope to grow and obtain more girls because it gives the team new and different perspectives.” Coyle also pointed out a different opinion. “But being the only girl on the team helps to encourage girls to do things that break gender norms and build their self-confidence.” One of Ella’s teammates has a very interesting perspective about their team. Grant Schlichting, also a senior, states “Everyone has the same standing and can do whatever they wand on the team. We as a team care more about work effort, and that’s how we decide the standing.”

This summer the Robotics team hosted a camp called Bomb-botz robotics challenge at the St. Ansgars church for younger children in lego robotics. Kids who joined lego robotics in grades 2nd – 3rd and 6th – 8th had the opportunity to complete different challenges at the camp. With a theme focused on space, contestants were timed and judged as they built their robots. Ella Coyle inspired two young girls to advance through the program with great confidence. She described “I learned how to help younger kids to clearly understand new concepts.”

Since the robotics team is fairly new and in its growing stage here at school, the camp was a great way to reach out to younger prospects. Ella has been with this activity since it first became a program, three years ago. But sadly this is her last year and she needs some girls to fill her spot. They are still in their preseason time frame right now but their season is coming up soon, starting in January. So overall, Ella learned a lot through the years and has made the team a wonderful success. She has inspired many younger girls to do many incredible things and hopes to keep inspiring many people. Even though most people don’t expect to see many girls at an arena with robots, she tries her best to accomplish as much as possible with her team. In the end, the team’s goal for in the future is to have more women in it in the seasons to come.

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