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The Lantern

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Stranger Things

The Lantern reviews hit Netflix Original, Stranger Things.

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Press Release

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A corrupt government is a normal topic in today’s media, but the hit TV series “Stranger Things” shows us the true extent of a corrupt government. Soon after the disappearance of Will Byers, the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, is thrown into chaos. While a group of friends were out looking for Will, they stumbled across something they hadn’t been looking for. The band of friends ended up finding a mysterious girl with a shaved head and a tattooed number eleven wearing nothing but a hospital gown. She was extensively questioned by some of the boys about where she came from and her identity. It’s not until she shows them her capabilities and says that she knows the location of Will, that they finally see her true value.

As the story goes on, the origin of Eleven is learned. She was once a normal girl but then her life gets turned upside down and we see haunting clips of Eleven in a mysterious building. Some parts, such as Eleven and the government’s relationship, can seem confusing. However, as the story continues and begins to unfold, the confusing relationship is finally able to become clear. At the end of season one Hawkins, Indiana, is back to normal. At least, that’s what they want you to think. Will starts experiencing unusual behavior which leads to a bigger problem. Some of the problems include Joyce Byers, Will’s mom, trying to fix her son and Eleven’s past which comes back to haunt her. She soon discovers people that could change her for better or for worse. Eventually the boys uncover yet another huge secret while adding another member, Max, to their band of misfits who becomes a big character in season 2

Season two has many more plot twists than season one which is why I liked it better. The reason “Stranger Things” became so popular was because of the talent displayed by the young actors and their commitment to their roles. One aspect I enjoyed was the retro time period it was set in. With more of a throwback to the 80s timeline, I found it interesting to see the differences compared to nowadays. This stood out to me considering that most popular modern TV shows don’t use their resources to their true extent. Since it is the 21st century, we have more technological advances which helped capture the whole time period very well. The actors played a major factor in setting the tone for this show as well.

Overall “Stranger Things” was a very well cast and directed show. Events leading up to the truth that was eventually revealed had me on the edge of my seat. With it’s unpredictable events and lovable characters, the show will have you on the edge of your seat as well. This show will have you waiting a long time in anticipation for the next season which will come out sometime in 2019.

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Stranger Things