• Get on your dancing shoes because Prom is on Saturday, May 4th

  • ACT Test is on April 2nd

  • We the People students are selling malts for $2 during lunch.

  • Choir concert March 14th and Band concert March 11th at 7 pm

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The Middle School Christmas band concert

The middle school band concert was a success and taught a lot of students about music.

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The Middle School Christmas band concert

Nathaniel Baszuro

Nathaniel Baszuro

Nathaniel Baszuro

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This year the band concert is on December 14, 2018, and the band instructors are Mike Legvold and Peter Duggan. The music is based on the holiday season, and the concert started at 7:00 pm and ended at about 7:40 pm. Mostly, the students are dressed in white and black clothes with a little splash color. They improved this concert because Santa Claus (aka Peter Duggan who dressed like Santa at the concert) tells us what to put on our concert program. Other ensembles also played well such as the steel drum band.

6th grade played Jing-a-ling Bells arranged by Sandy Feldstein, God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen arranged by John Kinyon, and Winter Medley arranged by Larry Henry.

7th grade played Kings, Kings, Kings arranged by Anne McGinty, Troika Rushing arranged by Timothy Johnson, Angels We Have Heard On High arranged by Michael Story, and March Majestic arranged by James Curnow. Grace Miller, a 7th grade clarinet player says, “I enjoy playing Christmas Tidings” said Grace, Sometime I practice but most of the time I don’t.”

8th grade played Norse Legend Elliot Del Borgo, Do you hear what I hear arranged Jerry Nowak, and Kings, Kings, Kings arranged by Anne McGinty.

Kids prefer music where they get to play the loud or exciting parts”

— Peter Duggan

Both 7th and 8th grade played Kings, Kings, Kings together. “Kids prefer music where they get to play the loud or exciting parts. It’s hard to find a piece of music that pleases all the different sections of instruments. The HS kids love playing Beethoven and Stravinsky and Linus and Lucy. The 6th graders like Jing-a-ling Bells. The 7th and 8th graders like 3 Kings and Norse Legend.” said one of the band instructors Peter Duggan. Students usually prefer easier pieces at first and then challenging music later on.  Loud and fast is usually a winner, but students often start to like the slower, more beautiful pieces after a while.

People should come to the next concert because then people can see all the improvements that students have made. “It’s good free entertainment!  It’s also a great chance to see students show what they have learned in a public setting. Live music is the best way to experience music, and it sure beats staring sullenly at a small screen!” said Mike Legvold. Hope to see you there!

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The Middle School Christmas band concert