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The mysterious whistler

A mysterious whistling noise has been detected in the CFHS IMC. This intrepid reporter takes on the case.

Who belongs to this pair of eyes?  Is it the whistler?

Who belongs to this pair of eyes? Is it the whistler?

Noah Mulhausen

Noah Mulhausen

Who belongs to this pair of eyes? Is it the whistler?

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In the IMC there is an anonymous whistler. Some people may think they know who it is, but nobody truly knows. There was word from the speechies that the sound was intruding their life in their natural habitat, a.k.a. the IMC, on Tuesday, March 7. The whistler also decided to interrupt the Torch and Lantern meeting on Wednesday, March 8, which gave the Torchies some strange ideas.       

There are many conspiracy theories of the mysterious whistler like they are buried underneath the ugly carpeting or covered in asbestos in our ceilings. Aizlynn Thim says, “I think they are hiding in our books. Like in scary movies when you are walking down the aisles of an abandoned library.” Others think that it is the wind coming through the windows but that theory has no imagination so that won’t be addressed. So, the mystery will go on.


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The mysterious whistler