Nathan Baszuro

Heather Loeschke has a special attachment to her cardboard cutout of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A supreme resurrection

WARNING: SATIRE CFHS teacher Heather Loeschke has been caught performing a peculiar ritual.

Being alone at night can be terrifying and the last place students want to spend their time is at school after school hours. However, sometimes teachers do end up doing precisely that to finish grading schoolwork or to organize school plans for the next few days. Not to mention, janitors also have to stay after school in order to do their job. Like any other place, stories can evolve from being at school after hours. One of these stories specifically – from Cannon Falls High School – stands out. 

Some teachers like Vande, have started to complain about the noise after school on their Facebook. “Lately I’ve had to stay after school to finish grading and I keep hearing music, specifically opera playing right after 4 p.m. Some of the other teachers around me have noticed this as well. It seemed to come from Heather Loeschke’s room, so we asked her to stop. She refused, which left us investigating why. Another teacher and I looked into her room yesterday after school, when the music started playing, and saw her attempting some sort of a ritual. Candles were lit forming a circle, and the item in the middle was her cardboard cut-out of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Unfortunately, the post was taken down right away, but a few people actually read it. The students, including Noelle Swenson, that read it researched and interviewed students about it and discovered that it was a ritual of resurrecting Ginsburg. Not only did they find out the reason, but also the why and how of this event. The first one they discovered was why the ritual was even performed

Loeschke has an RBG shrine filled with many RBG-themed items next to her desk in her classroom. (Nathan Baszuro)

Anyone who has been in Loeschke’s classroom has noticed this one thing. A lot of pictures and items regarding historical people are placed all over her room. This makes sense as she is a Civics teacher, but what’s odd about this is that there is one particular person found to be all over her room more than others. Ruth Bader Ginsburg used to be a Supreme Court Justice that was recognized for her powerful activist actions. She is now seen all over in Loeschke’s room as either a cardboard cut-out or in photos. As Loeschke proudly stated in her interview with the group of students, “I am a huge fan of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is an icon and inspired me a lot.” Maybe too much inspiration has been given to Loeschke, however, as students have proclaimed, there is a shrine of Ginsburg behind her desk. Not only that, but she also has a tattoo of Ginsburg on her left ankle. Her past APUSH students have also pointed out some hints. Lauren Ritz, who took APUSH, still remembers when Loeschke would bring up Ginsburg. “We had daily conversations in class about the history and our thoughts on it. At times Mrs. Loeschke would pause in silence and we would hear her mumbling ‘What would Ruth Bader Ginsburg do, what would Ruth Bader Ginsburg do…’ over and over again. We didn’t think much of it, but did find it interesting.” After getting the evidence, Swenson and her group concluded that Loeschke must be bringing back Ginsburg in order to devote her loyalty to Ginsburg. This made the group of students even more curious as to how Loeschke is even making this daring attempt.

When figuring out why Loeschke was up after school trying to resurrect Ginsburg, it made the group of students even more curious as to how she is trying to do this. In an interview with the group’s leader Swenson, she pointed out that the resurrection setup was quite different from a normal setup. In order to get more information, Swenson went undercover after school and peeked into Loeschke’s room using Vande’s key with approval. As Vande stated, lit candles were positioned to make a circle and a cardboard cut-out was in the middle. This time, however, Swenson was able to add more detail. “The room was dark with only red lighting to see with. The candles smelled like freesia, the music was opera, and there was what seemed like blue tape on the floor forming a smaller circle inside the center of the bigger circle. I also saw Loeschke there in the middle, attempting some sort of CPR on her cardboard cut-out.” Without having much difficulty researching, it’s quite easy to learn that the scent of the candles, the color of the tape, and the music were all Ginsburg’s favorites. The CPR part must be also a part of how Loeschke is trying to bring her back. Of course, nothing is certain without Loeschke’s confirmation. As of right now, however, Loeschke isn’t speaking to anyone about it, saying she won’t self-incriminate, leaving others to interpret the meaning.

Even though Loeschke seems to be attempting something wild, Swenson and her group will not be giving this information out to officials or any of the school district officers. With all the information they have regarding why and how it would have definitely been enough proof. Instead, as Swenson said, “I’m currently in Mrs. Loeschke’s class and I don’t see anything paranormal about her yet. She hasn’t gone insane or changed one bit, she just happens to do this after school every day.” Vande and the other teachers that hear the music after school also haven’t said or done anything regarding this event after the investigation. This means no one is stopping Loeschke from performing her resurrection. There have even been some claims that some students from Swenson’s group joined her, but it hasn’t been confirmed. It’s quite funny though, how sometimes even the most interesting stories can come from the least expected places. 

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