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Lantern A&E reviews Allegiant - the book and the movie

April 26, 2016

Allegiant – the movie

When I’m in the theaters watching on the big screen, I usually recall in my mind what the book was about and how the movie can relate. “Oh this is new or yep I’ve read it,” I contemplate over and over again to myself and trust me, the 2016 Allegiant film has plenty of new things. The film created a whole new perspective on what the outside world looks like and how more futuristic the advanced technology seemed. Freshman, Catie Kodada, commented on how well director, Robert Schwentke, incorporated the technology, “I liked how they used the technology to make it look cool and how they changed scenes to go to the next.” Although Natalie and Andrew Prior both had died in the first book, Divergent, Tris was able to see her mother’s childhood ‘prior’ to Natalie arriving in Chicago by using the technology. Another freshman, Brooke Beissel replied, “I like how it showed the past and it showed where she (Natalie) came from,” when asked what her favorite part of the movie was.

I liked how they used the technology to make it look cool

— Catie Kodada

One change from the book that stuck with me after the movie was done was when Max, former Dauntless leader, was to be executed at the beginning of the movie. Evelyn Eaton kills Max while Tobias was supposed to do it in the book. Another difference was that the former Amity leader, Johanna Reyes, played a much bigger role. Johanna was the creator of the Allegiant group while Tris had started to become depressed and unresponsive. Although Johanna was a follower of Tris most of the book, the movie succeed to show a whole new leadership as Johanna took the initiative of commanding, Finally, the Edith Prior video that was leaked in the Insurgent book began this movie which caused people to try to escape from the walls. The book started off with Tris, Christina and anyone else who was against Evelyn locked up in an Erudite prison.

The March 18, 2016 released movie shows Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) along with other companions to journey beyond the wall that encloses the futuristic Chicago, Illinois. For the first time ever, they are willing to leave the only city they have ever known to find a peaceful solution. Old discoveries are quickly interpreted as pointless ideas with shocking new truths revealed. Tris and Four must decide who they can trust while a war between Evelyn Eaton and the Allegiant group begins behind Chicago’s walls. With threats coming from all directions, Tris will need make sacrificial choices in order to survive. With over a 2 hour running time, it has been confirmed that in 2017, part 2 will be called Ascendant and directed by Lee Toland Krieger. There were plenty of laughs shared and a couple of unfortunate feelings towards the end film for most readers but all in all, the Allegiant  movie brought great visuals to the big screen.


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Allegiant – the book

Just one simple choice can change the way people perceive you according to the characters in the Divergent world. In the New York Times best-selling series written by Veronica Roth, the book starts off with Tris’s perspective and then in Chapter two, it swaps over to Four’s perspective. This switching of perspectives goes on throughout the entire novel which is different than Divergent and Insurgent because those were just in Tris’s perspective. Allegiant is a science fiction novel, originally published on october 22, 2013,mostly for young adults and completes the Divergent trilogy that began in 2011.

The entire series began with Beatris Prior growing up in the futuristic version of Chicago. Everyone belonged to what they knew as a “faction” that brought peace to the city, as the leaders hypnotized the citizens to believe. With a total of five factions; the brave Dauntless, honest Candor, peaceful Amity, intelligent Erudites, and selfless Abnegation, the ones who tested and failed were called “Divergent”. Tris, who was 100% “Divergent”, was considered a threat to all Faction leaders but wasn’t anymore in Allegiant when the factions broke and uprisings begin.

Evelyn Johnson, the mother of Tris’s boyfriend, Tobias, wants the factions gone while the “Allegiant” group believes the faction system should stay. In between the feuds, an old video of a woman named Edith Prior reappears. “When there are enough ‘Pure’ people in the city, or Divergents,” Edith declares, “a group of them must leave the safety of Chicago’s mile-high tall fences and help the creators outside. The outside world is a total puzzle to all of Chicago as no one has been outside in hundreds of years. One of the most suspenseful parts in the book is when Tris, Tobias, and a group of many others try to climb the wall by using grappling hooks. A new world awaits the group across the fence if they can manage to successfully climb it.  

the book is still worth reading to see how Roth ties up her loose ends

— Common Sense Media

In a critic review by Common Sense Media claim, “even if you’ve heard spoilers (and we hope you haven’t), the book is still worth reading to see how Roth ties up her loose ends.” This statement really speaks for itself as the book has some exciting twists hidden in the chapters. Veronica Roth has outdone herself with the detail and descriptive words she chose to incorporate. When the book first begins, the change in perspectives doesn’t make sense right away but as the story progresses, the double viewpoints help produce more than one mindthought on the situation. The Divergent trilogy will forever go down in history next to The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and any other young adult fiction series as one of the most action packed, most romantic couple created, and the greatest depth of a plot ever.

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