Matt Kalal, Sports Editor

The Bentleyville light show in Duluth, Minnesota features several unique fixtures. (Matt Kalal)

The Bentleyville Light Show has been in business since 2003, when creator James Bentley decided that he wanted to have more lights than his neighbors. When the community saw what Bentley’s house looked like that holiday season, they created an uproar for the success of Bentley. The next year, he decided to open a light show in one of the biggest tourist attractions in the US, Duluth, Minnesota. 

The light show was originally a walk-through show, but that has changed this year. Due to COVID-19, the Bentleyville team decided to make it a drive-through, so that people could stay isolated to their own vehicles. To say the least, the show did not disappoint. People drove for hours and sat in line for hours just to witness the remarkable series of lights. When asked if the light show was worth the hour and a half wait, Senior Wyatt Klavon responded, “It definitely was, it’s a once in a year opportunity, so getting to experience something like that was worth it.”

There were several extravagantly large creations purely made out of lights. (Matt Kalal)

The light show consisted of light tunnels, murals, and little interactive lights that really made the experience memorable. “My favorite part was how they acknowledged front line workers through lights,” states Senior Gavin Stodden. Bentleyville was no average light show. The distinguished attraction showed their support for front line workers with light arrangements for local hospitals, police enforcement, and all military branches. One thing that was surprising to Senior Gavin Huneke was the attention that it attracts: “The amount of people there was astounding”, explains Huneke. “I knew when I saw so many cars that this must be a great show,” Huneke adds. A light show this popular is clearly worth the while.

The Bentleyville team also set up holiday music and a broadcast through a local radio station to engage viewers in a unique way, which brought more of a holiday cheer as visitors were waiting in line and driving through the show. All in all, Bentleyville provides a great experience for families and friends, and is most definitely a light show staple around Minnesota, and even the country.

One of the most extraordinary parts of the light shows are the tunnels visitors can drive through, a component that is hard to find anywhere else. (Matt Kalal)