Nathan Baszuro

Bubblr’s are very popular with CFHS students but they post a serious risk.

Bubbling to the surface

Bubbl'r, a new drink on the high school scene, as some unaccounted for ill effects.

Bubbl’r is the new well-known drink going around. Plenty of students consume it all the time, thinking of it as an “exciting” drink. Recent information has revealed something that might change everyone’s mind about Bubbl’r, though. If the information spreads out, it might just be able to prevent this awful scenario from happening. 

According to the new scientific data, Bubbl’r has been giving people a horrible condition, making them float. This was first discovered by the DrinkTech company. DrinkTech is a facility that experiments all sorts of drinks to clarify hypotheses, and are recognized to have real, proven, conclusions on their work. On December 21st, DrinkTech posted on Facebook, a shocking discovery. Their post read: “For the past few months, our scientists have been looking into the Bubbl’r drink, as it was suggested by many. At first, nothing seemed off about it, and we were going to declare it as a failed attempt to expose any theories on it. One of the co-workers came to work one day, and said that he had found a Twitter post about a family. What’s odd though, was that he also mentioned that they posted a complaint towards Bubbl’r, complaining about how they were on a trip with their friends, but their kids had too much Bubbl’r that day. The following day came, and their kids were found floating in their house! The co worker convinced us to test the Bubbl’r drink to see if it was true. Turns out, if you have too much Bubbl’r, you’ll start to float, till you become as light as a balloon. As of now, we are trying to contact the authorities about this to see if we can do something about it.” DrinkTech also suggested that everyone should steer clear of Bubbl’r.

Unfortunately, when this finding was first published, not many people saw this post. Many of those who did assumed it was unimportant, or so they thought. After a few weeks of the post being up, more and more Bubbl’r fans started to complain as well. For example, Hilari Palodichuk said that after she had a Bubbl’r marathon, she started getting light-headed, and fainted multiple times. Her complaint was updated afterwards, saying that she also started to float one day at school. The reason why not many people know about this, as it should have been on the news by now, is because the people that end up floating are usually at home called in sick, and try to keep it a secret to avoid drama.

Thankfully, DrinkTech is trying to find a cure for it. As of now, the only way to avoid it, is to not drink Bubbl’r. If there is someone who is drinking Bubbl’r at school, work, or home, snatch it out of their hands, and throw it away. They may get mad, but they’ll be thankful later. Be sure to avoid Bubbl’r at all costs, until there is a cure for the condition. Hopefully the cure for it comes soon.

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