Ms. Bigfoot reported in school forest

WARNING: SATIRE Mrs. Thompson's class spotted a lady Bigfoot wandering around in the school forest.

One day Eleanor Montgomery was walking in the woods with Blake Johnson  and Anya Nygaard. Suddenly Eleanor screamed in pain. She had stepped in a hole, or so they had thought. Well, they would soon find out that that was not a hole. Mrs. Thompson came running over to see what had happened. Eleanor had said that she had stepped in a hole. Mrs. Thompson took one look at that hole and said “I don’t think that’s a hole” “Then what is it?” asked Eleanor.” It kind of looks like a foot print of some sort”. Said Mrs. Thomson  “What foot would it be? It is so big. “Blake, what about a bigfoot?” Anya screamed  “I highly doubt that.” Mrs. Thompson claimed Bigfoots are not real. “There, look” Eleanor said “AHHHHHHHHHHHH”

Everyone screamed  and they all started to run but Eleanor and Blake because Blake was helping Eleanor get up. They were chased by a big hairy creature to the edge of the school forest when the big hairy creature retreated. Later that day they spent their time in the library while Eleanor was in the Nurse’s office. In the library they looked through all of the books but found nothing about bigfoots being real. So they returned to the woods to see if that big hairy creature was still lurking. There it was. She was a lady. She was friendly but timid; Anya tried to get close but couldn’t. They came out the next day and she was nowhere to be found and she had fled her home. Mrs. Thompson was sad because they had seen something incredible. But it was time to move on. They still check to this day but the creature has never returned. They still continue to study and gather info on the creature hoping she will come back some day.

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