Royal review

November 11, 2020

Unfortunately, because of Covid concerns, and technical issues, many people did not get the opportunity to hear the stories divulged about each of the homecoming court.  This article will combine the coronation night stories with photos of the candidates to give the reader the next closest opportunity to actually being at the ceremony.


Queen Makayla Bowen

Kressin Hartl

Makayla Bowen is the daughter of Joe and Stephanie Bowen. Due to her love of art, she is taking Independent Art this year, where she spends most of her time painting and drawing. In the future, she plans on using her artistic talents to help her become an interior designer for major corporations, and she is hoping she will be able to pursue this dream of hers while traveling the world. Bowen is heavily involved in school activities; she is the captain of the volleyball, basketball, and softball teams at CFHS. In addition, she is an Editor in Chief of the Lantern, the President of SADD, the secretary of MAHS and the treasurer of the CF senior class. As busy as she may be, she still finds time in her schedule to binge watch Friends.

Nora Barnes

Kressin Hartl

Nora Barnes is the daughter of Walter and Karen Barnes. Currently, the early winter is getting on her nerves, and if she could have any super  power in the world, she would choose teleportation, so that she could avoid driving in the crazy Minnesota winter conditions. As of now, her desire to teleport is just a wish, but after she goes to school to become a Laboratory Scientist, she might be able to turn her dream into reality.

Bella Davisson

Kressin Hartl


Bella Davisson is the Daughter of Josh and Levana Davisson. She enjoys taking art classes with Mrs. Hernke. If she was able to spend the day with anyone of her choice, she would choose spiderman, so that she could swing around the city. Someday, Davisson hopes to be a Criminal Profiler or a Homicide Detective. Maybe she could even team up with Spiderman if she gets lucky.


Belle Freeberg

Kressin Hartl

Belle is the daughter of Cary and Laura Freeberg. In her free time, she can be found either hanging out with friends or laying in her bed. If she could have any superpower, she would choose to be invisible. Her desire to be invisible stems from the idea that she could sneak around without anyone knowing.

Madison Hall

Kressin Hartl

Madison Hall is the daughter of David and Christina Hall. If she was able to have a superpower, she would want to have the ability to freeze time. The main purpose of her superpower would then be to freeze time, so that she could take longer naps without interruption. Hall describes herself as spontaneous, and if you know her, you know that is spot-on.

Emma Louwagie

Kressin Hartl



Emma Louwagie is the daughter of Becky Peine and Ryan Louwagie. She is a professional shopper and when she isn’t seen shopping, she is often working, so that she can make more money to do more shopping. Although she could probably make it into the Olympics for being a professional shopper, she is interested in being a Pediatric Oncology Doctor one day.

Casey Vagts







Casey Vagts is the daughter of Fred and Tami Vagts. Vagts enjoyed taking Chemistry last year, and she claims it is her favorite class because of Mr. Bennett. Although

Mr. Bennett made chemistry extremely fun, she says that if she could spend a day with anyone in the world, it would have to be Elaina Dommeyer.

King Danny Safe


Danny Safe is the son of Rahn and Sue Safe. He is a huge fan of the outdoors, and his favorite class in school is Construction, because it combines his love for outdoors with his passion for learning hands on. When he isn’t seen soaking up some sun outside, he is often playing soccer and basketball.


Wyatt Klavon

Wyatt Klavon is the son of Brett and Mary Klavon. It is often hard to track him down because in his free time, he enjoys playing Pokemon Go which causes him to travel all around. He states, “I gotta catch them all.” According to Klavon, Taylor Swift is the greatest singer and songwriter of our generation, and he would love to spend a day admiring her.

Jake McAdam

Nathan Baszuro

Jake McAdam is the son of Ron and Amanda McAdam. It is difficult for McAdam to choose one song in particular to be his favorite, but he explains that there is an abundance of country music on his go-to playlist. McAdam often describes himself as forgetful, so even though he enjoys hanging out with friends, you might have to remind him multiple times in order for him to show up on time and to the right place.

Isaiah Wildenberg

Isaiah Wildenberg is the son of Scott and Wendy Wildenberg. Whenever Wildenberg has spare time, he tries to find ways to eliminate it. He often describes himself as a scoundrel, because according to him, he is apparently the baddest and most rotten kid in 12th grade. If he could have any super power, he stated that he would want to be able to sing like Kanye West. 

Nate Harmsen

Nate Harmsen is the son of Ryan and Melanie Harmsen. His favorite show is The Office and when he isn’t binge watching it, he enjoys kicking back and relaxing. His favorite class this year is Construction, and he is planning on using the skills he learns in this class to help him become an Architect.

Owen Edstrom

Owen Edstrom is the son of Mitch and Jean Edstrom. Edstrom describes himself as a genuine individual, and if he had the opportunity to spend a day with anyone in the world, he would choose President Donald Trump, because he admires the President’s confidence. When he isn’t dreaming about spending time with our President, he enjoys listening to Mr. Bennett crack jokes in AP Physics, monitoring stocks, and hunting.

Marcus Banks

Marcus Banks is the son of Dawn and Kerry Banks. Allegedly, Banks is a full-time chess prodigy; however, he secretly wishes he could slay dragons and fight evil robots too. In his spare time, he practices hard for if the need for his ninja skills ever arises. He sees himself following a career path to become a fortune teller in the near future.

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