You’ve GOAT to be kidding me

The 2019 senior prank was truly the GOAT (greatest of all time).


Aizlynn Thim

Aizlynn Thim showcased the moment after the goats were captured from the courtyard.

This morning at roughly 7:00 a.m. a team of high school seniors orchestrated a prank that would go down in history – putting two goats in the courtyard. The mastermind of the operation (who wishes to remain anonymous) transported the animals in their very own minivan. After that, four more seniors helped get the goats into the school when the coast was clear. Walking through the hallway by Mr. Jones’ room and then turning right into the IMC, the students opened the courtyard entrance, placing the goats inside. There, both animals peacefully munched on some grass, before the janitorial staff removed them at around 7:30 a.m.. Then the pair were escorted behind the school near the softball fields where crowds of middle schoolers gathered in amazement. “I have never done anything bad in my ENTIRE life and I figured that if I were to get detention or get in trouble, might as well go out in style,” a senior commented. Even though the prank only lasted for 30 minutes, the humorous and harmless prank will remain etched in the minds of the students and staff at CFHS forever.