Simpsons – the TV show

The Simpson’s TV show is also enjoyable for viewers.


Zoe Jesh

Bart’s best friend is his skateboard because it’s his primary mode transportation.

Charles Fick, Staff Writer

The Simpsons. For over three decades this comedy show has aired on television. When something is on TV for that long, there are always changes to the graphics and concepts.

The Simpsons started in 1989, on December 5th. Back then, the graphics were really different. The hair was more spiky, the upper mouths more stuck out. Over the years, the graphics became softer. By that this author means more like the pictures seen today. Eventually, more characters were added in and backstories were revealed. Such cases of backstories include how Homer, the father of the family met Marge, the mother of the family, how the children came to be, and the first words of Bart and Lisa, the children. Also, some episodes showed future events, such as Lisa’s marriage.

The Simpsons today mostly centers around strange adventures, and sometimes bringing back characters that most people forgot about in past seasons. Also, the graphics are much more cleaned up, and the intro has a lot more stuff going on in it. As new concepts in the world were introduced, these ideas were put into the Simpsons. Examples include a doomsday device and aliens coming and abducting our nation’s leaders.

The first few seasons were full of heart, and the show usually had viewers  in either tears or smiles by the end. After about four years of broadcasting, the show became more comedy-oriented. Sometimes they would have clip-shows, and it would have the Simpsons go on an adventure while reminiscing on past events, and that would be when they’d roll the clip of some episode aired in the last season. After 2 clip-shows, they had an episode where they were showing some little-known facts about The Simpsons. 

The show is definitely funny, as well as somewhat relatable. There is an obvious effort in the storyline of each episode, and it eventually ties together. Sometimes there are subplots in each episode, and in the end the problems in the subplots get solved, if because of the main problem’s solution. 

It is unclear on how much longer The Simpsons is going to continue to be produced and aired. But it is certain that it is wanted to go on for as long as possible. And remember this, showtimes are 7:00-7:30 PM on Fox network.