Simpsons – the movie

The movie highlights a bigger problem: pollution


Ava Brokate

Homer is always seen with a donut in hand no matter the situation.

Charles Fick, Staff Writer

The family jumped from the treehouse into the sandbox. They disappeared from sight as they were sucked in the sinkhole there. Arrows soon thudded on the spot where the family was. The family disappeared, and every structure near was sucked in with them. On July 27, 2007, a movie was released. That movie was called The Simpsons Movie. After 18 years of broadcasting Simpsons episodes, the show’s producers made an entire movie about this wacky family and their biggest adventure yet.

The movie starts out with a band playing the Simpsons theme while on Lake Springfield. Once they were finished with the song (which they were playing for about 3 hours, they said) they started talking about the pollution on Lake Springfield. Almost immediately, the crowd started to throw things and damage the band’s barge. Lisa, the Simpson daughter, thought the band addressed an important issue (the pollution in Lake Springfield), so she started going to people’s houses to talk about it, but nobody seemed to care. Then Lisa met Colin, an Irish youth who recently moved to Springfield, who cared about the environment too. Plus, to Lisa’s amazement, he played many instruments.
Lisa took her issue to a town meeting, and people actually noticed the pollution and did something about it. The townspeople put up signs around the lake and built a concrete barrier. Homer, the Simpson father, soon ruins the time of cleanliness.

Pollution is threatening to destroy Springfield, not by contaminating the air or burning a hole in the ozone layer, but by the Environmental Protection Agency, putting a giant glass dome over the town to contain the pollution. The president chooses to drop a small yet powerful bomb into the dome, while advertising on TV a “new Grand Canyon” where Springfield is. When the Simpsons see this ad up in their hideaway in Alaska, it is up to the Simpson family to save the town that they call home. However, Homer is separated from his family when they disagree on going back to save Springfield. Homer wanted to stay where they were hiding from the people of Springfield. Marge, Homer’s wife, and the rest of the family (Bart, Lisa, Maggie) wanted to go and save Springfield. Eventually, Homer does what is right and goes on a journey to meet up with his family.

The movie is hilarious and possesses all of the qualities that a typical movie does. It is definitely recommended, and a 4.9 star rating is put forth. If one is looking for humor, action, and somewhat bizarre acts of family love, this is the movie one would watch.