Kayley Frenette

A longtime center fielder at Cannon Falls High School, Kayley Frenette will be continuing her career in college.


Nathan Baszuro

Kayley Frenette signs her contract to play college softball at Bethel.

Anna Ritz, Sports writer

Kayley Frenette, a Cannon Falls senior, committed to Bethel University in the beginning of March. Bethel University is a Division III school in St. Paul, MN. Kayley will be playing softball for Bethel in the Mid-South Conference (MSC). Kayley said that her primary positions will be pitching and outfield.

For the bombers Kayley plays in center field quite a bit of the time. She is a very valuable asset to the team in many ways. First, in the outfield she shows what she can do by hustling to every ball and never giving up on getting to it. Second, she brings everything she’s got up to the plate with her, and when she is on the bases she is very aggressive and isn’t shy about showing her speed. Finally, she always has a great attitude and never fails to bring the team up.

So far Kayley has attended practices at Bethel and been to multiple dinners with the team. Kayley has also had some overnights with the team. When asked how she decided where to go Kayley said,  “It felt like home right as I stepped on the campus, there was no awkward stage at the college. The team was very inviting in addition to teaching me how to make homemade milkshakes in the cafeteria.” Like most college students and college athletes, Kayley is looking forward to the friendships she’ll make and opportunities she’ll have.

Lots of student athletes commit every year and Kayley has the same expectations that many do. Kayley said, “honestly, I’m expecting it to be really fun and a great new experience.” Of course she’ll also be attending class and learning all sorts of new things. She is planning to study pharmaceutical biochemistry. Pharmaceutical biochemistry is the study of how chemical compounds in medicine interact with different parts of cells. Pharmaceutical biochemistry is important to learn about to help us get a better understanding of bodily functions. Kayley is looking forward to becoming part of the study and to the new experiences she’ll have as a student athlete.